How To Vape Weed Without A Vaporizer

If you’ve heard a lot of great things about the recent vaporizing fad that’s gained a lot of popularity in the cannabis community over the past few years, and you’d like to try it before purchasing a vaporizer of your own, this article’s got you covered. Obviously, your first step should be wondering if any of your friends have either a dry herb or concentrate vape since that would be simplest, but if you’re new in town or don’t have any stoner friends, you can do it pretty simply by yourself at home with a pretty small investment. Not many people, as far as I know, are aware of this really simple way to vape weed at home without an actual vaporizer that I’m about to share in this article.


    Now you will need to make a slight investment of about 40 dollars for a heat gun, but the rest of the supplies that you’ll require will only cost you about five to ten bucks more. Also, make sure that the heat gun works up to a temperature of at least 200 degrees celsius or you definitely will not be getting any kind of buzz from your herb, since this is the minimum temperature you can vape weed at to release THC. The rest of the supplies are as follows:

  • Paper towel or toilet paper tubes of the same size.
  • Aluminum foil.
  • An oven bag (sometimes called a turkey bag).
  • A tea diffusing ball.
  • Twist ties.
  • A funnel or coffee percolator that can fit snugly into the paper towel tube.

Now What?

I’ll explain this pretty briefly but if you google ‘how to vape weed without a vaporizer’ you should find some more detailed WikiHow articles with pictures and all. Essentially, if you’ve ever seen a Volcano in action, a rough homemade version of this is what you’re going for. You want to use one of the toilet paper tubes to combine it with the funnel and bag. Insert the funnel, secure it with aluminum or tape, then wrap the bag around the outside of the funnel and secure that as well. Then, fill up your tea ball with some dry herb. Now you can vape your weed! Simply turn on the heat gun, place one tube over the nozzle, place the tea ball on top of the toilet paper tube, then put the bag contraption on top of the tea ball and watch the vapor rise.